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Rules about qR|

Beitrag von sOuNd am Mi Jun 25, 2014 7:28 pm

Read me first!

Forum rules to be adhered.

Foreword: The forum is like a family, you have to pay attention to other members and you have to respect them! If you keep at it, we all can have a really nice stay in this forum.

§1 - Handling with users:

1.1: Please dont offend, discourage or belittle other users. If such action is taken and seen by an Admin or Mod, the User doing so will be warned.  If you attept to spread an toxic atmosphere around here, you will be kicked, or your account will be deleted, if such Actions are taken multiple times.

1.2: Be nice to each other! We want everyone to be treated with mutual Respect.

§2 - How to post:

2.1: Please think before you Post.  Please dont post something that already exists here or anywhere else. If you do so, the Post will be blocked or deleted.

2.2: Please dont use overcomplicated Headers. A clear Statement about the Topic the Post is dealing with is half the Rent.

2.3: Please use simple, straightforward Language. Express yourself so everyone can read your Posts without consulting a Linguist. Wink

2.4: Please think twice before you comment on a Topic. Pointless Posts arent seen with joy around here.

2.5: No one is permitted to change or delete any existing Posts, except Admins/Mods or the one contributing.

2.6: Spamming uselessly into threads where it isn't attached is forbidden! If this should be disregarded, measures follow like in § 1; 1.1!

2.7: Do not link pornographic or racist Sites or any other Crap like that.

2.8: Pictures are allowed to be posted, but please dont spam.

2.9:All Posts are to be written in English. Other Languages arent tolerated here.

§3 –Presenters and administrators!

3.1: If an announcement is made on the part of a presenter or administrator, this has to be respected and adhered! If this shouldn't be the case, a caution occurs (see § 1; 1.1).

3.2: The clan leaders and the editor decide, who get witch rights for the forum. If a user shouldn't approve of his rights, he is welcome to write a complaint to the presenters/administrators.

3.3: In principle, applications on the presenter are declined. The leaders choose the presenters. For this knowledge in dealing with a forum and a good confidence in the person must be existing.

Enjoy your Stay!

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